Sushi Chef, Mongkol Patprom,
is Germany’s Best

Mangostin Sushi Chef, Mongkol Patprom, was the clear winner at the high-calibre Global Sushi Challenge in Hamburg and was in Tokyo for the world final in November.

The Mangostin Sushi Chef and Deputy Head Chef is really impressive. He works incredibly meticulously and clearly; you can feel the respect he has for the product when watching him cook.

The Hamburg preliminary competition was won by Mongkol Patprom with a lead of almost half an hour, relegating colleagues from acclaimed sushi restaurants to the lower ranks.

One of the Top 5 in the World!

We are very proud and are happy for Mongkol that he is more than capable of being compared internationally. At the world final in Tokyo, which is held in two categories, Mongkol Patprom won the sensational 1st place in producing the classic sushi “Edomae”. Edomae sushi emerged over 200 years ago and stems from the old name for Tokyo, “Edo”.

Mongkol Patprom also created a great sushi in the second category, “Innovative Sushi”. The only thing that was not judged perfect was the presentation. Here, the jury apparently places considerable importance on the chinaware selected.

All in all Mongkol is one of the five best sushi chefs in the world – congratulations!

Visit Chef Mongkol and watch him working. The sushi bar is open-plan and can be seen by all of our guests!
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